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Lessons in Citrix Hero Preview & Bonuses:

  1. 1 Citrix Hero Top 3 Checklist

    Objective: This Checklist will guide your first part of your Hero Journey!

  2. 2 OS Optimization Q&A Video 2018

    Objective: Learn how optimizing the Operating System is crucial to Citrix performance

  3. 3 Ch 2 - NetScaler (Citrix ADC) Security

    Objective: Learn the dangers of default settings for Citrix ADC

  4. 4 Ch 3 VM Sizing and Hardware Configuration

    Objective: You'll learn how to speak definitively on why VM sizing and Hardware Configuration matters!

  5. 5 Next Steps

Lessons in The Citrix Dirty Dozen:

  1. 1 The Dirty Dozen Presentation File

    Objective: Follow along with the Dirty Dozen presentation and click the many links inside

  2. 2 The ORIGINAL Dirty Dozen Preso - E2EVC New York

    Objective: Learn the 12 most common mistakes people make in Citrix

Lessons in Citrix Hero Program:

  1. 1 Citrix Hero PDF and Workbooks

  2. 2 Dirty Dozen Masterclass Workbook

    Objective: Grab this workbook before diving deep into this masterclass!

  3. 3 MasterClass Presentation

    Objective: Learn the top 12 things to avoid, and how to design key elements properly

  4. 4 Risks and Recommendations Spreadsheet

    Objective: Here's a spreadsheet you can use for your next assessment!

  5. 5 Chapter 4 PVS & MCS Performance

    Objective: Learn how Memory Matters in both PVS and MCS workloads.

  6. 6 PVS & MCS Performance - Memory Matters!

    Objective: Learn how Memory Matters in both PVS and MCS workloads.

  7. 7 Active Directory for Citrix Virtual Apps and Desktops

    Objective: Learn leading practices for Active Directory and Group Policy Management

  8. 8 Active Directory Original PDF

    Objective: Learn leading practices for Active Directory and Group Policy Management

  9. 9 Active Directory Part 1 Leading Practices

    Objective: Learn Active DirectoryLearn leading practices for Active Directory and Group Policy Management

  10. 10 Active Directory Part 2 GPOs

    Objective: Learn leading practices for Active Directory and Group Policy Management

  11. 11 Chapter 6 Quick Wins with WEM

    Objective: Learn how to manage system resources with this easy tool

  12. 12 Quick WINS with WEM Video Lesson

    Objective: Learn how to manage system resources with this easy tool

  13. 13 Change Management Workbook

    Objective: Learn how not to get fired

  14. 14 Change Management Presentation

    Objective: Learn how not to get fired

  15. 15 Change Management Lesson

    Objective: Learn how not to get fired

  16. 16 DJ's Super Tuning Framework

    Objective: Do the right things in the right order, leave the rest for later

  17. 17 User Profile Management Webinar Replay

    Objective: Learn how to tune Citrix User Profile Management for fast logons and less storage requirements

  18. 18 Extended Work From Home Workbook

  19. 19 Supporting Extended Work From Home with Citrix (2020)

    Objective: Learn updated strategies to support remote work

Lessons in Introduction to Citrix ADC (Beta):

  1. 1 Module 1 Introduction

    Objective: Introduction to Citrix ADC

  2. 2 Part 1: ADC Overview / Types

    Objective: In part 1 of our first module, we'll take a look at what an ADC is actually capable of, and the different flavors that the appliance comes in.

  3. 3 Part 2: Architecture & File System

    Objective: In Part 2 we dive into some of the architecture and files that make and ADC function, as well as get our feet wet in the lab as we look at how to access these different directories.

  4. 4 Part 3: Licensing

    Objective: In Part 3 we take a quick look at the importance of ADC licenses, and some notes about how they impact functionality.

  5. 5 Module 2 Introduction

    Objective: Introduction to ADC deployment and initial configuration

  6. 6 Part 1: ADC Deployment & Initial Configuration

    Objective: In part 1, we will deploy a new ADC appliance and get it up and running

  7. 7 Part 2: Securing the ADC

    Objective: In Part 2, we will breakdown some of the key security aspects to watch for as we continue building out our ADC.

  8. 8 Part 3: HA / Backup & Restore

    Objective: Part 3 will be focused on deploying a second ADC appliance for High Availability and spending some time understanding the backup and restore process.

  9. 9 Module 3 Introduction

    Objective: Introduction to Module 3 - Load-Balancing & Content Switching

  10. 10 Part 1: Load-Balancing

  11. 11 Part 2: Load-Balancing Lab

  12. 12 Part 3: Load-Balancing Lab, Cont.

About Coach DJ Eshelman

D.J. Eshelman is a 20+ year IT veteran that has served for over a decade as a dedicated Citrix Consultant. He's worked for Citrix Consulting Services as well as with some of the top Platinum partners in the US.
He is the author of "Be a Citrix Hero" - available at https://ctxpro.com/book or many other booksellers including Amazon.
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