Introduction to Citrix ADC (Beta) Watch Preview

This course will provide you with the knowledge you need to confidently build, configure, and manage a Citrix ADC appliance with step-by-step labs and concepts.

Together we will build, configure, secure, and backup a brand new ADC, configure High Availability, build load-balancing virtual servers with Content Switching for web servers, configure a Citrix Gateway with StoreFront integration, and have a deep dive into troubleshooting and diagnostics!

All in a self-paced course with lab examples. Not another one of those certification "boot-camps" that just get you ready for an exam. It's time to get ready for real-world scenarios!

*Note - this course is currently in a Beta phase. The discounted price of $285 is given with the understanding that you will be willing to provide us with feedback. If this is not acceptable, we ask that you wait until the full $497 launch later in 2021. 

Beta means that some sections are currently under development and will not be available immediately.  Any changes made to the final product will be yours as well!

12 Lessons

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12 Lessons in Introduction to Citrix ADC (Beta):

Module 1 - Introduction to Citrix ADC

Module 1 Introduction

Introduction to Citrix ADC

Part 1: ADC Overview / Types

In part 1 of our first module, we'll take a look at what an ADC is actually capable of, and the different flavors that the appliance comes in.

Part 2: Architecture & File System

In Part 2 we dive into some of the architecture and files that make and ADC function, as well as get our feet wet in the lab as we look at how to access these different directories.

Part 3: Licensing

In Part 3 we take a quick look at the importance of ADC licenses, and some notes about how they impact functionality.

Module 2 - Initial Deployment

Module 2 Introduction

Introduction to ADC deployment and initial configuration

Part 1: ADC Deployment & Initial Configuration

In part 1, we will deploy a new ADC appliance and get it up and running

Part 2: Securing the ADC

In Part 2, we will breakdown some of the key security aspects to watch for as we continue building out our ADC.

Part 3: HA / Backup & Restore

Part 3 will be focused on deploying a second ADC appliance for High Availability and spending some time understanding the backup and restore process.